A globally diversified stock portfolio will richly reward you—provided you have the courage to do nothing.

This Week/Aug. 20-26

GIVE AWAY MONEY NOW? You might be considering a large financial gift to your favorite charity or to your children. Charitable contributions aren’t limited, though their tax-deductibility can be. Meanwhile, with our kids, we might take advantage of the $14,000 annual gift-tax exclusion. But before we do, we should check we have plenty for own retirement.

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Sell or Sweat?

DON’T GIVE INVESTMENT ADVICE to clients. That’s something I’ve repeatedly learned as a tax lawyer. Still, when financial markets gyrate, many clients want advice about taxes, especially the seemingly simple rules for capital gains—and I have a longstanding fondness for eating three times a day.
Let’s start with the basics. Take an individual who sells an investment that she has owned for more than 12 months. Any increase in its value from its cost basis is taxed at her long-term capital gains rate—15% for most individuals,

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On Our Own

IT ALL BEGAN WITH AN AFTERNOON phone call between Andrew, my twin brother, and me. I made an off-the-cuff comment about starting our own company. For the previous eight years, both of us had worked at a large lawn care company and then, for a few brief months, at a medium-sized landscaper.
Neither of us doubted we would be successful. But we were taking a large financial risk: Starting our own company meant leaving the security of a regular paycheck,

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Protection Money

VANGUARD GROUP is my favorite fund company—and the place where I now keep all my investment dollars. There’s no mystery why: Among mutual fund companies, Vanguard has long been not only the biggest champion of index funds, but also the firm with the lowest annual fund expenses.
Except that’s no longer the case.
Fidelity Investments, BlackRock’s iShares and Charles Schwab have all muscled onto Vanguard’s turf, offering index funds with lower annual expenses. This is obviously a marketing ploy: By offering cut-rate deals on select index funds,

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