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This Week/July 23-29

SEE IF ESTATE TAXES ARE AN ISSUE. With 2017’s federal exemption at $5.49 million, few Americans need worry about federal estate taxes. State estate taxes are an issue in just a third of states, though state exemptions are often below the federal level. For most Americans, the biggest “death tax” will be the income taxes owed on inherited retirement accounts.

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Growing Up (Part II)

I DON’T THINK MY PARENTS ever had any sort of five-step plan to teach me about money. I was always parsimonious, so they weren’t very focused on how I spent. They did, however, teach me two powerful life lessons—which changed not just the way I thought about money, but who I am.
Everything has a cost. I attended private school from fourth to ninth grade, coasting by with B plusses and A minuses.

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July’s Updates

EVERY MONTH, I revise a slew of pages in HumbleDollar’s online money guide. Here are some recent updates:

Home prices continue to rebound, though they remain just 3.2% above their mid-2006 peak—and houses still look affordable by historical standards.
U.S. stocks are yielding 1.9%, less than shares in almost any other developed country.
I updated the page devoted to retirement calculators, dropping some that now require site registration and adding others that don’t.

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Growing Up (Part I)

I RECENTLY RECEIVED an email from a friend asking, “What financial advice would you give to your younger self, now that you’re older?” I had to think for a while. But once I sat down to reply, I realized my attitudes about personal finance were already well-developed by the time I was in my 20s. I also realized my financial beliefs had been shaped, in part, by growing up in a family where money wasn’t exactly plentiful.

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