Another year passes and still there are no inductees to the market-timing hall of fame.

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CREATE A WISH LIST. Want more happiness from your dollars? Write down the major purchases you’d like to make in the next few years—perhaps a car, vacation or kitchen remodeling. Regularly revise the list, keeping only items you’re still enthusiastic about. Result: You’ll likely make wiser spending decisions—and you’ll enjoy a long period of pleasurable anticipation.

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Not a Good Time

IT WAS APRIL 29, 2009. My 12-hour workday had already begun when, at about 4:30 a.m., I received the call from Jonathan, my younger brother. He never calls at that hour. In fact, we never phone without first texting each other to determine the best time to talk. I sensed bad news and sure enough it was. Our father had been killed 36 hours earlier while riding his bicycle. In the months that followed,

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Precautionary Measures

INVESTMENT CONTRARIANS are having a good year—but not a great one. In 2016, U.S. stocks outpaced foreign shares, smaller companies outperformed their bigger brethren and value stocks beat growth stocks. In 2017, all those roles have been reversed, with foreign shares, big-cap stocks and growth companies topping the performance charts.
For those of us who like to see the mighty fall and the downtrodden lifted up, this has been quite satisfying, except for one small issue: Even as the stock market’s leadership has changed,

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Seller’s Remorse?

AS I PREPARE TO MOVE FROM PHILLY to Boston this summer, I’ve struggled with how to handle my home. Do I sell the place and pocket the profit—or keep it as a rental property for future income and price appreciation? A quick Google search provides plenty of good reasons to choose either option. But when making a decision of this magnitude, what really matters is your personal situation—and that prompted me to sell. Here are my five reasons:

The financial benefits of renting out the place don’t outweigh the costs.

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